About Me

My name's Thomas, I'm 21 years old and I'm studying IT engineering. I started my 4th year at Exia.Cesi this year.

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Why should you hire me ?

There are many skills I acquired that can be useful for you. I'm independant, but have no problem to work in team. If you need someone good at developing and designing webistes or application, I'll help ! I also can lead an entire project thanks to my managing skills.


Thanks to PBL : Problematic Based Learning, I'm independant, I can learn quickly by myself to be efficient. It's always better to have a good teacher to learn, but I can learn deep to be better.


I'm working on a lot of different projects at school. We have to work as a team to end them on time. We can be developers or project leader, I learnt to help my team to succeed.

Web Design & Development

It's the third year I'm developing, I'm being good at it and it can help a lot. I can do web development, but not only. Mobile development and game development are my strenghts too.

Project leading

I already led an entire project by the past, that's interesting to think to everything. The objective is to have a final product easy to use, well designed, working well. Having an overview of a work can help to do the best product.

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If you have any question, any project on which you need help from a developer, or if you're interesting by hiring me, just contact me !

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